Ramp & Stand Ruminations


Ed Price

Here's a link to a Mustang site which shows a pair of home-made, wood vehicle
ramps. This is a cheap solution, anybody can build them, and the ramps can stand
on end when not in use. The only caution is that the ramps don't have edge
guides, so it's easy to drive off the side of the ramp.

You could extend this idea, making excellent "jack stands" for an Amphi, by
building a tower of 10"x10"x2" boards. The flat, slightly resilient wood surface
would support the hull without the danger of denting or penetrating the hull.
(You might want to use concrete blocks or housebricks for this, but they have a
nasty reputation for cracking and dropping the load. Even a cracked wood plate
will not fail catastrophically.)

My preference would be to pilot-hole drill the boards and then secure them with
3" deck screws. (Maybe because I have an 18V drill/driver that I love to play
with.) I don't think that glue is needed.

You could even saw up a bunch of squares and not screw them together. You could
then make a tower that's customized to the exact height you need for a
particular task. Unscrewed plates are a bit less safe, but 10"x10" plates will
stack pretty high without being too "tippy".

(Hint; buy a 12' long board at the lumber yard, and have them cut it for you.
Unless you love your circular saw, this is a cheap option, the sawdust stays at
the yard, and you don't need a pickup to haul the cut pieces home.)


El Cajon
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