Raised lip


David Derer

One piece raised lip quarter patch panels. Everyone says they are nice.
Proper curves-proper raised lip. Instead of having a weld seam at center
of wheel house, panel goes to door. Not perfect but a panel that is
1000% better than what is currently available. They are time consuming
to make so only have a limited supply. Mike Isreal gets first set.
Price not yet set ; but affordable. Metal meet was cool. Days of
frustration trying to do what others thought was impossible. Ultimately
ending with a product that others admired. Answering questions and
giving away the "secret". About five thousand in cool tools and a lot of
hours doing it wrong. Even Margie smiled and gave me a big kiss,
allowing My quarter to stay in kitchen!!!!!! (For a half hour). I bought
a project car and now want to sell at My cost to focus on body parts and
transmissions. Also hope to have in time for Christmas cool all steel
Amphicar Service signs . A raised relief panel. Later Dave the
Wave-www.midwestamphicar.com pics will post Sunday of quarters.

Mike Israel

Yes, looks like Dave has once again shown why he has established as the top
amphi restoration pro on the planet.

I have taken various metal and body classes over the years. While I still can
not do anything useful I can certainly recognize craftsmanship and skill when I
see it. That is why I dragged my amphi halfway across the country to have Dave
work on it.

Crafting a full amphi panel like this, with all the right curves, contours, and
features is no small feat. Making it as a single piece requires great skill and
patience. Anyone who has purchased the currently available panels will
appreciate what has been produced here. Dave's investment in making these
available is a great leap forward for all of us. I look forward to showing off
the first set, on my amphi, at Celina 06 and other events.

Mike Israel
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