David Derer

For only 200 bucks more than a recore a new radiator can be had. Indy Sam put in
plenty of time for this project. Nice touch is the dual circuit oil cooler. I
will not use a original oil cooler because of the catastrophic results of
fatigued acid drenched aluminum. Plus I always felt the trans was getting too
hot, that it needed cooling more. Iam glad the variable speed fan idea worked.
Later Dave the Wave

Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 10:40:33 -0500
From: SMITHS RADIATOR <doccool@smithsradiator.com>
To: "" <ferge@iquest.net>
Subject: amphicar radiator

Sam -

These figures are the ones that will hold
radiator factory style with factory mounts: 650.00
with mounts for electric fan and oil cooler: 675.00

temp sending units 15.00 each
fan 265.00
single circut oil cooler 275.00
dual circut oil cooler 325.00