Radiator Upgrade?


Giving it cost nearly as much to buy a new radiator as it does to have them recored, is there a upgrade to the original that people are using? ie Aluminum? Direct fit? Car seems to be running hotter than in past years.


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Test your guage,Using an hand held temp. sensor read the water temp. at the rad intake, and out takes, and the block,
I have tested them and found there close to 160 at the themostate. hotter at intake and cooler at out takes.
I have a few used rads, but have thought of getting a quote on making new Alu. ones, But am sure they would be expensive cause of low number to be custom made and odd shape,.


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I did rebuild my radiator with a new modern brass core with 30 percent better performance. Car runs cooler. But Germany is, besides this summer, not a real hot country.



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I had an aluminum radio built a few years ago for an engine that was running really hot. It cost about $600 and still didn't fix the problem. The engine was the problem since it had been rebuilt with extremely high compression. A new head fixed that problem.

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Wikipedia says:
Up to the 1980s, radiator cores were often made of a copper (for fins) and brass (for tubes, headers, side-plates, while tanks could be made also of brass or of plastic, often a polyamide). Starting in the 1970s, use of aluminium increased to take over the vast majority of vehicular applications. The main drivers for aluminum are reduced weight and cost. However, the superior cooling properties of Copper-Brass over Aluminium makes it preferential for high performance vehicles or stationary applications.