Radiator " Birthmark" ?


B Crombie

Greetings All,
My radiator has a manufacturers plate with some info that may shed some light on
the year of manufacture. It's located on the back side (facing the hull) just
below the upper hose neck. It states the following:

Hans Windhoff A.-G.
4 Berlin- Schoneberg 63
Werk Nr. 16602 Lfd. Nr. 413

The plate measures about 1" x 2.5". The "4" and the "63" appear to have been
stamped with a hand held numbering tool. Also the "3" in "413". The rest of
the numbers look machine applied.
My Amphicar VIN is 103934 so the "Werk Nr. 16602" apparently has no bearing on
that number. What's intriguing are the two lone hand stamped numbers. The 4
and the 63. My car is titled as a 64 but thanks to Doug Parson's questions
directed to the previous owner, that year is questionable.
Assuming that the 4 and 63 translates to April 1963 being the manufacture date
of the radiator, the year of manufacture for the vehicle might not be far
behind. With that being said, I am comfortable telling others that my Amphicar
is a 1964 just as the hull plate states.

Hope all is well!

Brian Crombie
!964 Fjord Green (under resto)

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