Radial Tire Air Pressure. Front vs. rear.


Mike Israel

Hi All,

For those of you with Radial tires, how much air
pressure are you putting in? Should the front tires
still have less air pressure than the rears as is done
with bias plies?

Last year David Chapman correctly pointed out that
radials should be run closer to 35 psi, never less
than 25 psi. Still, I know the differential in
pressure has to do with oversteer or understeer, not
sure which.

BTW, I am runing the wide white radials which Hugh is
now selling (I got them before that time from


Mike Israel
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I have had good luck running 35 psi in the rear and 32 in the front, using
2 year old Continential wide white radials off the Mercedes 190 SL (6.40
x13). Used to run 35 in front but car tended to bounce on the road bumps a

Car goes down the road real nice - additionally, I added the steering
column brace and 1/2" wider Mercedes 190 wheels along with a good alignment
from some old time German mechanics when I was in Germany.

All seem to add up to car going down the road real straight.