Quick tutorial and apology


Ralph Fowler N4NEQ

I'm sorry I posted the pics without realizing that all of you couldn't get
to them readily. I wasn't aware that the list's file section was

I have been using their system for a year and it sort of comes naturally to me
It is true that the file area is private, but it isn't hard to get access
the first time.
You'll only have to do these steps once and after that you will be able to
access all the features any time.
Just remember to tell the system to "Remember Me".

The old mailing list was nothing more than a list. It was very simple to
use because it really had no extra bells and whistles

The new one has a lot of other features that go with it. It is your choice
whether or not to use them.
I think that once you get the hang of it, you'll enjoy all the features-
especially the file area and the calendar features.
That calendar can send automatic email reminders for events that are coming
up (such as Celina and Mt Dora and Starved Rock and Hans Trippel's
Birthday, etc).

The "membership" that the message is referring to has nothing to do with
the Club. It is an egroups thing that is only used to access the new
features and make changes to your setup.

If you are already using egroups for other lists you are on, you will know
how to log in. If you are new to it, then you need to learn how.

First, you need your login name and password to the Egroups system.

You'll find this at the end of the message that you received from Mike
Israel welcoming you to the list. You should see the message dated about
July 28th, 2000.
The subject was: "Welcome to the amphicar-lovers group"

Scroll all the way to the bottom of that message and I think you'll see
something that looks similar to this:

> Email address: xxxxx@yyyyy.zzzz.com
> Password: deksxtprpa

> This password has been randomly generated for you. Once you have signed
> in, you should change your password by visiting
> http://www.egroups.com/myprofile

That is the password you need

Just follow the link for the pictures,
and when you get the "OOPS, you must be signed in" message, just enter the
login and password you got in the message.

When you log in you can check the "Remember Me" box and you should not have
to log in each time from then on.

And finally- if you already deleted the email with the password in it, just
click the message that says "If you cannot recall your password, click here".
the system will immediately email you a secret number that will allow you
to change the password.

Remember - these were just candid pics shot with an older digital camera
that I just wanted to get up on the web so you could see tham
quickly. That sort of backfired, but my heart was in the right place. I'm
sure that much better pics will b placed on a web site soon that will be
easier to access.