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Question: Nice to know you have the back-up light assemblies, but I
have a question. How do I install the new lens once the chrome base
is on the car? It's almost impossible to push the lens against the
gasket, exposing enough room to start the lens screws.

Answer: Attach the lens to the assembly first. (Don't forget the
bulb.) Next, slide on the lens base seal. Then grab the wires in
the engine compartment and slide the following on the wires: first,
the bell shaped boot, next, the main nut, and last, the washer. Now
simply push the wires out of the car and fasten the blue wire to the
center bulb tab, and the brown wire to the outer ground tab. Now
here's the easy part. You don't need a wrench to tighten the
assembly on the body. Simply push one hand against the lens and
tighten the large nut by hand in the engine compartment. Once you
remove your hand from the lens, the rubber seal acts like a spring
and the lens and assembly are tight against the body.

Question: I made two stainless steel muffler brackets a few years
ago, and no matter what I do, they look smudgy and dirty. I tried
painting them, but the heat seems to cause the paint to flake off.
I've got your stainless steel hub caps and splash rubber mouldings,
and they always look like new. How can I get rid of the old, grubby
look on my muffler brackets?

Answer: You have choices. Whatever you do, you must remove the
deposited oils and grease from the brackets, which are prevalent in
the engine bay. You can use caustic chemicals, but be sure you
don't get it on the paint in the bilge. The sure way is to remove
the brackets every season and reinstall them using rubber gloves to
keep oily matter and finger prints off them. Another option is to
apply the epoxy bilge coating that's on the bottom of the hull, the
upper and lower radiator shrouds, and the insides of the Amphicar
next to the battery and muffler. This epoxy coating is a rust
inhibitor in the bilge, and a heat insulator on non-rust areas like
the shrouds. All shrouds had this coating on the outside only to
keep cool air going through the radiator and oil cooler. If you
apply this epoxy coating to your muffler brackets, they will have a
mottled, rough look to them, but appearance issue will be solved.

By the way, our upper and lower radiator shrouds are offered in
unpainted steel or as premium powder coated units. The powder
coating acts as a thermal barrier similar to the epoxy. Our semi-
gloss powder coated units clean up with nothing more than dish
soap. Here's the cost breakdown:

9-30-04a Lower Shroud ? unpainted steel

9-30-04aP Lower Shroud ? powder coated semi-
gloss 390.00

9-30-05a Upper Shroud ? unpainted steel

9-30-05aP Upper Shroud ? powder coated semi-
gloss 99.00
9-30-04a/05aP Set Upper/Lower Shroud Set ? Includes
both, 419.00
powder coated semi-gloss black

Be sure to call Shellee (562) 802-1608, for the latest Gordon
Imports prices before you order. Occasionally, a new customer
orders from the aftermarket at substantially higher prices.


9-29-19 Heater and Bilge Pump Hose Clamps ? The
old price of $1.49 is history!
Change your
price books. These clamps are
new production, with an almost
finish. Made in Germany by the
supplier to Amphicar/Berlin. In
stock now
for immediate delivery.

Another new part is expected in house in May:

10-32-17PB Front Parking/Turn Signal Lens Bulb
Socket Base Assembly
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