Quarters Question

I have decided to replace the inner quarters with Hugh Gordon's Replacements.
And also install Dave's Trays.
How much of the outer panel do I need to cut off to make this a clean easier installation?

Lots of bondo in the quarters now...I have already chipped out about 5 inches on the drivers side.Amphi Passenger Tray.JPGAmphi Driver Quarter.JPGAmphi Driver Tray.JPGAmphi Passenger Quarter.JPG


Amphicar Expert
Keep in mind that I also sell steel replacement panels as well as Fibreglass.See thumb nail 8947 below.
Cut the outer steel off about 1 inch below the Alum. trim. Welding in the top of wheel well is still behind outside metal and very hard to get at so has to be done from inside.Remember the wireharness is running along the drivers side. I have seen many burnt or cut by the inexperienced.. If you are putting on fibreglasss rear outside quaters I would recomend fibreglass inners. I sell a 1 piece complete inner unit for $250. Pic 1 shows inner metal in place and painted ready for outer skin to be installed.Good Idea to put a drain plug in the lower area behind tire,note exta hole drilled in front of tire for water drainage into bilage area.2IMG_4925.JPG ok. the white in pic#2 pic is the inner assembly.I had better shots but comp, said they were too big to download.Fin cut off.JPG100_2361.JPG .100_2361.JPG


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