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Taking apart 64 and going to have to do work on the quarterpanels. When I removed the water line strip it looks like sombody else has done lower quarters on this car already. Did the factory install one piece quaterpanels from the fin to the bottom or did they splice two pieces together at the water line trim?


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Factory quarters were definitely one piece. I know this because for the longest time I had two NOS quarter panels in my basement.

When repairs are made, the most common cut point is under the side moulding.


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Thanks. That looks like the way it was done. Were it was joined together did not look like factory work at all.

Now I have to decide if I will remove what the last guy did to fix only the lower portion. I can't see patching a patch job.


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The 64 has flat metal so easy to repair. remove all of old repair.make the new panel out of at least 18 guage.
go from door to rear and bottom to middle of side trim. bottom should be but welded so best done on a rotierri.
if you only repair the back 3 feet ...in a few years you will see the repair joint!
My rust free red one was so perfect, but was filled with fibreglass resin so I had to cut out the bottom,I only put new metal in that repair area.Now I'v gotta go back in and do it again.


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Thanks, That is my next step is to mount the car on a home made rotissori which will have the base made from my boat trailer so I can easly transport.
I think you are the guy I call for so sheet metal. I will need to replace the battery area to iner rockers and door skins. Howcan I see what you offer in sheet metal.

Are you the guy that has the place in Florida. thats were the car is now. Clearwater Florida.


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The guy in FL is Dave the Wave Deerer. www.midwestamphicar.com (I do not know if he has a site for his new FL location).

Dave custom fabricates all of the metal pieces you could possibly need and does amazing quality metal work.

Gord offers a lot of fiberglass items if you prefer to go that route. Lots of stuff in the archives debating the merits of metal versus glass so no need to revisit that topic!


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I AM IN fL. TILL THE end of the month. I do have some sheat metal made up for the battery, and exhast area.I keep a fair amount of Amphicar stock here all winter(Rons stays)I meet Mike last week.. yes He has bought a 3000 sq, ft building not to far from me, and him and Dave both bought small homes in area too.Im near Leesburgs wich has lakes everywhere!.Your about 2 hours away!my cell is 386 882 0334

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http://www.amphicar.com/ads_fs_svs.htm this link will show pics of my trays and raised lip quarters that I manufacture. I think I will gently disagree with Gord on patching but at same time lightly agree. Depending on seam area. It can be very difficult to get to inside area to clean and paint/seal. Also most jobs are time sensitive. If fillers AND tw0 part primers can sit at least 30 days-longer is better. Than shrinkage will be less before paint. Than repair will look nicer longer.
But reality is when hot car hits cold water, quarters don't stay show car straight.
FYI my trays, quarters and other custom built parts are the best in the World.
Finished or not plan on bringing to our open house during the Mt Dora show. We are hoping to persuade the ones in charge to allow us to have a Saturday night bar b que and awards at our building in Tavares.
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