quarter panels



Thanks for al the input guys. You are defiantly a great bunch of people
and a great resource for Amphicar restoration. From what I have read I
gather that the rubber gasket seals I found in my car, at the battery
tray level from inside the car, are not stock. I'm thinking the previous
owner tried to seal his leaky quarter panels this way. A think piece of
rubber is pushed into the cavity and seems to have a sealer of some type
applied to it. I will be removing these and I think I'll go with Gords
drain plugs.

I haven't decided weather to use the steel quarter panels from Gordon's
Imports or a set of Gord Souter's Fiberglass panels. Any recommendations
either way?

Craig in Alaska

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Gord Souter

I will fight you to the end on this guys.
They ARE better!
I wish I had the finances and time the big 3 have, to prove it with a sledge
hammer test at the big swim ins.I showed at Mt Dora how I could
jump(250lbs)on the thin seat base under the rear seat I make and prove to
them there how strong it was once installed .I does look flimsy till fixed
in place.
I built boats. most wire in the 1/4 inch thickness but that is because the
hull is the frame
Yes we can make the 1/4s thicker but the price would double. Now a half
fender is only $100.00
and full are $200.
I use them even on my best show cars even if they only need the back corner
for I never want it to rust again.
when done properly, the glues are completely sealed with epoxy paints.
waters never going to be a problem. search before you speak.

Oil cooler,
One did leak on a fellow at Mt Dora and his car caught fire.
lucky he did not have the rear hood locked and had a fire extinguisher
even luckier was that I had a new cooler with me.. Not so lucky for David as
it was suppose to go to him.

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