Quarter Panel piece needed.


Group, I find myself needing a small section of the quarter panel, both sides. It is the section at the bottom just in front of the rear wheel. A photo is attached. I do not need the full panel or the bottom half. Just the piece in front of the rear wheel. Thanks Ray


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Believe me... when you get into that rust it will grow.
you will find on the backside that it will be all the way around that wheel well on the inside.
In the future you will have patches on the front,, patches on the rear Quarters, they will bubble back up in a few years,
bit the bullet. Replace the whole panel, with the joint being under the moulding strip.
You all know I make them in Glass, (any size can be pulled from mould,)
Ron T. has proven how good they are buy hitting a Dock last year! and all his 30 mph splashes.
Dave and Hugh make them in steel.
I can make many body parts in steel too, but they already make a good one of these.


I guess that I should have gone into more detail. The quarter panels were removed in 1994. I replaced them with a flat panel, no lip, that I got from Hugh. The lip was put on at the body shop with pieces & filled over. It's just the pieces that let go. My body shop & I would prefer a steel patch. Thanks. Ray