Put-In-Bay was cool

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Hi all, The trip was 2396 miles AND WORTH EVERY INCH. All those happy
Amphicars, it was such a pleasure to soak up all that positive energy. Got a
chance to spend some time with John Bevins and Bill Connelly these are two
smart Amphi guys and the time spent with each has become those "special
memories" that each of us have. We met Bobby and Donna they drove in from
California more than 2400 miles each way. They are a couple of wild and crazy
people that seem like a party just waiting to happen and with four Amphicars
"they're Amphi to the bone." Put In Bay was a good thing, although the Park
Hotel was in the middle of the action I think the bath down the hall was
challenging for Bilgie and Tatiana with the little ones Victor and Tinkie.
Lake Erie was friendly, clear water and welcoming when the wind was not
blowing. It was a good trip and were waiting for next year. Tommy and Lynne
in Tampa

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