Put in Bay and Batteries

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Here is my 2 cents on Batteries:

Last year swam over to put in bay (lake Erie) from the Ohio Shore
intresting trip in its own right but as we pull into the Marina and
beach ourselves with all the party boats and excitement going on we
pull up on shore and head for the local margarita bar and 6 hours
later go back to the amphi and try to start for the swim home only
to hear nothing when I turn the key. Left the bilge running when we
left the car. Turned off the bilge waited 10 minutes or so and Off
it started don't mess around DEEP WELL MARINE DELCO BATTERY. $ 70.00
and worth every penny.

Another tip if your battery is low your emergency start switch won't
engage to start the car but if you wait for the timer the regular
way it will engage it doesn't take as much amps this way.

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