Pure Gas and winterizing


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Greetings all,

One thing to think about as you prepare your Amphi for its long winters nap is what fuel you will leave in the tank.

Here in the USA, thanks to the farm lobby, most of our fuel is contaminated with 10% or more ethanol. Ethanol does all sorts of nasty things to fuel systems including eating seals and rusting components. One of its most insidious properties is that it absorbs water and, upon reaching a saturation point, the water falls out of suspension.

You have two options for your Amphi. First, check out www.pure-gas.org for a list of stations in your area that sell ethanol free fuel. In some states you are out of luck entirely, I have to go 50 miles to the nearest station where I get 87 octane for about the same price as premium unleaded elsewhere. Some places sell it in cans, but that was almost 8.50 per gallon. Your second option is to go to your local small airport. Per FAA regulations, ethanol is still prohibited in aircraft fuel. You should be able to get 100 octane low lead (100LL) although you may have to pump it into a container. They may also have unleaded but it does not matter for Amphi since no cat converter. Even for non ethanol gas, some fuel stabilizer is a good idea.

Note that some places sell Shell racing fuel up to 100 octane. Unfortunately that still contains ethanol.



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Truth is you do not know what is coming out of the gas hose at gas stations. Besides a stabilizer, I recommend a couple ozs of 2 cycle oil. My thinking is when the gas evaporates in carb and tank it will leave behind a very light oil film. Just wait till the EPA demands 15%. Its great when corporations rule the politicians.


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Some marinas carry staight gas, but your really just taking there word that there is no Ethanal in it,.
Sure dose give us problems.Vapour lock,(boiling fuel) being the bigest Amphicars have.
I add lead subsitute to each tank full and Now add..Starbrite ..star-tron gas additive to all my Classic cars.
I now add an electric fuel pump up near the gas tank with a manual switch and have used it many times overr the last season.
I also cover the fuel line at the engine with a sivler, Aluminized, Heat Sheath... 3/4 dia by 3 ft (for about $20.00)


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That is one advantage of getting gas at local airport. Avgas, by law, can not contain ethanol.
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