Puddingstone Swim-in is May 6th



Forwarded message from IAOC member Jim Z. below:

So...details for CA Puddingstone Amphicar outing are...
Saturday, May 6th at Puddingstone Lake, San Dimas, CA.
10:00am 4:00pm, or whatever floats your boat. Er...car.
Uh, whatever. Bring your own picnic lunch and/or anything
extra if you want to share. You know how our group is.

There is one change this time from previous visits. I
have arranged with the lake to let us enter at "Sailboat
Cove," which is that other boat ramp across the lake from
where we usually go. The parking is better there, as are
the facilities - more grass, more shade, etc. Understand,
we don't "have" the ramp just for ourselves, but being that
the 6th is a powerboat day, that area should be very quiet.
The only downside is lack of foot traffic for those who
enjoy showing their cars off to the passers-by.

If owners prefer, they can enter at the usual ramp located
off of Puddingstone Dr., and/or we all could cross the lake
from one ramp to the other as we might wish.

Entry to the Sailboat Cove ramp area is through a gate on
Via Verde. From the 10 freeway east or west, take the 210
north to Via Verde. Turn left at the bottom of the offramp
and drive until you reach the gate. From the 57 north,
this freeway becomes the 210 north at the 10 freeway.

For the other boatramp, follow the same directions to Via
Verde, but turn right at the bottom of the offramp. Drive
(a block or two) to San Dimas Ave, and turn right. Follow
San Dimas to Puddingstone Dr (you'll pass under the 210
freeway) and turn right. The ramp entry is on your right
about 1/3 mile in. It's pretty obvious when you get there.

Looking forward to seeing lots of SoCal Amphis and their families.

End of forwarded message
~ Amphipoda


Thanks Jim and Amphipoda!

Now it has been added to the calendar. PLEASE remember to let us know
about events. I can't post them if I don't know about them. What other
events are missing from the calendar?


John "What, When & where" Bevins