proper or improper way to check hull

Cap'n John

Yup that looks right! See there is that hole right there in the middle where it's hardest to see!

Subject: [General Amphicar Discussion-t-20746] proper or improper way to check hull
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 19:12:50 -0400

You be the Judge. Is this the right or wrong way to check Amphi bottoms?
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Must be the hole in the middle is where the plexiglass goes! I'm just wondering if the tractor is amphibious!?


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Well...... most of it will be completed fall of this year. It is really a two car project. One is a major custom. The other is an original style restoration. As seen this Amphi has had much better days. But still has some areas which are hard to duplicate. Basic structures etc. Its rear area was in really good shape, thus allowing a much easier restoration of another Amphi. So instead of having a "junk" Amphi laying around-two will be born (again). SAWEET!!!!

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