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Only 5 years old and completely destroyed. It took a while to get out of the water. But have a good look at the fracture. The propeller has been deterioating slowly from inside out. You can see the dirt and grease ingress on the propeller.
So I think that everyone who uses the new propeller from Gordon should take it off the shaft image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg for a thorough inspection.
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It looks like the shaft rusted, swelled and broke the hub. Rust is a powerful force and plastic doesn't like a constant distorting pressure. I've used some new Gordon props since they first came out with no problem.

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I did not hear about this failure of the 60 years old original polyamide propellers. Seems only the new polypropylene propellers fail.


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Your car had original props on it when you bought it. Did you replace them with the new repros?
Yes I did. I went for the looks, not knowing of a history of failure. But I will refit the originals again.
At least I have learned how to do a "self-rescue". The failing prop was the right one, and I did understand from other postings that this is the most difficult situation you can get into.
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Know of 2 that blew apart on cars I have done(one while at Celina!)
Then there's the front shocks!