Propeller Shaft Seal Installation


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Just finished rebuilding my second prop shaft. If you remove the proper circlips you can push on inner shaft from transmission end to remove. You can also install inner shaft from transmission end if you pay attention to circlip set-up. Using hydraulic press to push from transmission end of shaft ensures NO MUSHROOMED THREADS on prop end. Beating on the threaded end of shaft is asking for trouble! Bought new seals (25x52x10) from bearing supply house. They went in no problem (can't say the same for those that Hugh sells).

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Easy home made seal installer - PVC pipe


That seal is a common size. I have seen those rock hard seals and will not use. Helpful hint buy a box of disposable gloves. Pay attention to direction of seals. Gord Souter likes to drill an additional hole for grease. I just pre pack tube with grease. Figure full tube per side. If You have to force it back together You are doing it wrong. On assembly You need to turn shaft as it enters bearing. **Funny memory** I really f'd up Cigar Guy.His shaft got rust and would not slide easily out of tube. I smacked with brass hammer. We put it back together and on his way he went. I put a bit of a mushroom on end of shaft, so after installing assembly in car, prop drive shaft would not slide on. Ooops! Stuff like that seems to happen when Guys want to "help" Me!! So trial fit parts before installation. Later Dave the Wave
Hi there I am busy with rebuilding the propeller shafts and was wondering where does Gord drills the extra hole for a additional grease nipple .
I think it is a good option so you can put new grease in both bearings instead pressing it up in a big tube.[ the housing ]
If possible Gord a picture or drawing at what place you drilled the hole.
Thx Peter

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