Problem with duplicate postings on Amphicar forum

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Amphicar Forum Admin
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Hi All,

The Amphicar forum continues to have problems with duplicate posts (some appearing doznes of times). I do not know yet if this is a database corruption issues or some low life hackers.

Working to fix it as we speak. I am temporarily turning off the email integration component as I suspect this is where the problems are occuring.

Stay tuned. Feel free to email me if you observe any problems.



I'm still getting duplicate emails. Old ones are coming in 7 or 8 times over. Last one at 8 am pct.


Amphi Guru & Former IAOC President
I am still getting them too. So far almost 200 of them. Last one moments ago.


me too. about 50/day, all from back in Dec/Jan.
I even changed my preferences to not get the postings emailed to me but they still keep coming.


Amphicar Forum Admin
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OK, just after midnight I disabled the database associated with the old forum. If that does not stop it then there is something really weird going on. Again, please let me know.


I first noticed a problem last January with messages not posting to the forum. The only way I could get it to work was not send by email but key them directly into the forum.
I sent Mike a note at the time about it. Some of the old messages coming through to me in the last days were ones that were email postings to the forum but they never made it.... until now.
They must have been trapped somewhere.