Printing woes...


Cap''n John

>>Right now I am trying to figure out a way to keep the
>>price the same as it has been. I got a new printer
>>and the pictures are much higher quality, but the
>>printer uses a lot more ink. I have to find color
>>cartridges for less than I have so far because each
>>calendar now uses an entire cartridge.


Maybe this is old hat, but have you checked into having Kinko's (or
equivilant) do the printing? Then you can do the lamination yourself
(assuming you do already) They have some good deals on bulk orders.
You will also save on wear and tear on your printer. Kinko's will be
where I go to (laser) print the manuals when I get them done.

>>Anyone out there know how to get epson T008 and t007
>>cartridges for less than $15, new?

If nothing else, I have seen kits with color ink and a syringe to re-
inject your old cartridges with new life. I believe the kits are
about $5 or so as I recall. Just be sure the ink is compatible.


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