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In the tech section there is a very good quality Owner's Manual. The quality of the pictures is by far better than the version in the members section of the IAOC. Unfortunately the forum version can't be printed. So here is an easy way to solve that problem. Download the forum Owner's Manual to your computer. Next google PDFtools 1.3 (free software) and install on your computer. Start PDFtools and choose "split a PDF". After that: "split page range" 1-34. Now you will find the printable version in your chosen output folder.
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I am the one who created that owners manual as well as a searchable maint and parts manual. I have a color version of an iteractive electrical manual in the works too. All this is what used to be on the club site before the board made changes.

That manual was NOT intended to be printed for free without my permission!! It took me MANY hours to create and was intended to be a nice refrance for this forum. The security measures are there for a reason. Just because you can, does not mean you should!:mad:

Before you circumnavigate my security measures, think about the many hours I spent on that work. I sell the manuals on CD and I don't work for free! Do you? How would you feel if it was your work? :mad: