Press & Leave early



I don't know who to tell in Celina about the
press onslaught, Gloria probably has that all
under control (she got a helicopter for the NY
Times). Anyway, you still haven't shown me what's
on the t-shirts so YOUR "get out of jail card"
may not be valid in Celina this year. ;p

John Cigar Guy,
Dude, the Amphi gods have been on me like
ants at a picnic - coming from all sides
all at once, but we can't be there until
Thurs at Holiday Inn 8:30 PM'ish. We'll
hook up then or Friday at Otterbein or
sometime at the Eagles. I'll look for the
cigar smoke...

Be well, swim safe.
Amphicar thrive in 2005!
The voices in our heads are SCREAMING - "GO TO CELINA!!!"