Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services- Residential Care


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Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services is an organization that has been helping children to face the adversities of life. They offer various programs that suit the needs of the children. Children and families in need are given residential care and help.

To apply for residential care one should first learn about the services offered by the organization. Two types of residential care are offered by PCHAS: group homes and foster homes. Both the types provide services to youth through high school graduation. Only by involving in the planning and implementation of the family plan can one be successful with their child. The plan should be directed by the parent/guardian who would then reflect the family member’s wishes for placement. Private placements are voluntary and a parent, legal guardian or agency can terminate it.

The application process involves contacting the program location closest to one’s place and finding out more about their services. If the child is a good fit for one of PCHAS’s programs, a staff member will contact them and assist them to complete an application form. A date and time will be set for the final intake assessment interview with the parent and the child at the group home or foster care offices. The agency staff can determine whether or not their program is able to meet the child’s needs after the intake assessment interview. A date and time for admission is scheduled if the decision is to pursue placement. A pre-placement visit prior to the admission is scheduled based on the child’s needs to help him feel more comfortable about placement. The youth and his parent complete a placement agreement and other documents at the time of sign-in.

By funding such organizations one can help them to carry out these processes smoothly. Victron Energy and its owner, Mr. Ali Sharaf, find it a privilege to help such organizations.