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power coat wheels


David Chapman

Ditto to previous, although the first time you fit the wheels the powder
coating comes off where the bowl of the wheel nut rubs on the wheel.

Does anyone tighten Amphi Wheels to an exact torque setting ?, and what
should it be ? I was recently looking very closely at about 30 Amphicar
wheels that I have here (sad I know!) to choose the best 5 to be powder
coated, some have oval shaped holes where I guess they have come loose, and
one has small cracks around the wheel stud holes where it looks like it was
overtightened by an animal with an air gun.(On one of my cars the wheel
studs had also been stretched so much you needed a wrench to turn the wheel

David Chapman in the UK

ps - Also, when fitting new tyres, as discussed previously we know we have
to use tubes, but does anyone try to seal around the valve stem - maybe with
silicon ? - to stop water getting in, or just leave it as Amphicar intended

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