Possible help for WTC rescue workers


Cap''n John

My brother who just over a month ago moved from NYC and I have
decided that we are going to try to drive to NYC to get some much
needed suplies to them. I have Cigna Health care donating 20,000
surgical gloves and I am working on masks as well. These folks are
picking up the pieces bare handed wearing trash bags in the rain.

I am asking for any help that anyone can provide. DO NOT send
anything just yet. This just came about merely an hour ago. Once it
is certain we will be going, then I will ask for items or donations
sent to me or I can pick them up on the way if it is East of here. In
the mean time, does anyone have contacts with companies who may be
able to provide surgical masks, gloves, and the like? ANYTHING!!

My brother James is a photographer and worked for AP and Reuters
across the street from WTC. All his co-workers are missing and
presumed dead. It is amazing how things happen. 2 years ago we had
not spoke for 23 years, after a personal tragedy we have put all that
behind us. He decided to move to Colorado recently to be closer. He
is alive because of that.

Cap'n John and James