pos or neg ground


Hi there ,
I have bought the 450 mile barn find Amphicar and this week it is gone be in is new home.[waiting for customs]
But I am not sure if it is pos or neg grounded, how can I check this the easy way??????
Before I blow up my radio .



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You can check the coil. If the coil is marked for polarity, whichever side is connected to the distributor will be the ground polarity.
That is, if "POS" or "+" goes to the points, it's positive ground. If "NEG" or "-" goes to the points, it's negative ground.

If really 450 miles, likely positive ground per original.


Mike thanks for your quick reply.
The car has been stored in Michigan and never been used after 1966 [ 48 years]
The actual odo miles are 491 .
I can t wait until it passes the customs so I can take pictures and post them.