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I know there are folks here who love POR-15, others who think it is the devil's brew. Here is some real life experience from another forum. Give me epoxy primer any day!
Hi Folks,

Have posted a few more photos of POR performance.
In some places the POR is still holding on tenaciously, in others its come off
The rust was hidden under perfect looking POR.


As I move around the car's body I am seeing better POR protection & adhesion on
the upper parts. Its the low down & sand/mud/dirt/water impact & immersion areas
where the bonding has failed


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I suspect the vast majority of failures are due to inadequate prep. Those pics seem to indicate just that because of the spotty adhesion. I have had POR-15 in my bilge for 12+ years without a problem. Like any type of chemical skin (paint, powder coating etc) the prep is the key to longevity. It takes a lot of work and many people get in a hurry so they cut corners and sooner or later it will come back.

This a debate I suspect will continue for some time like the DOT5 Vs. DOT3 brake fluid debate. Go with what ya like is my best advice.

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I have a wood work table(old picnic table) in my shop that I paint alot of small parts on, many of which I use Por 15, the next day when i go to lift them off the table, por 15 is so stong it lifts a layer of wood off with it.
i never paint over anything with any speck of rust on it, usually sand blast all small parts . even thou they say it is not nec, I believe it is. and if used properly I think this is a good product.
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