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Arnold Hite


I'm wondering if you are refering to the event at Lowes Motor
Speedway in Charollette. Last fall Sharon and I were VIPs at their car
show. They offered the pool, if we would bring the car. It was a huge
hit, easily the biggest single attraction at the show. Most of the
press releases and photos are compliled into the article below:

If that liink doesn't work go to BradBowling.com and click on "friend's

I figuered I was the only guy who had put his car in a pool. Evidently
I'm not.. I'd like to know who's car is in the ad and especially what
trouble they had getting it in there. We had some trouble becaue our
display area, and pool, were not perfectly level. The first time the
pool was filled the liner pulled away from it's support, dumping about
half the water before we could secure the car. I never worried about
the car turning over, but I was worried that if the liner pulled away
again the force of the water could push the exterior support wall of the
pool, or its metal braces, up onto my car. I other issue was that the
show ran four days. My car was afloat for three and a half of those
days. Anyone been afloat longer?

Arnold Hite
Johns Island, SC

>Did our own Tommy in Tampa do this ad? I remember him setting his car up in a
>swimming pool for some promotion a while back.

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