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Pole light help needed

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We had a small wire/fire/short at the bottom of our pole light in

We noticed that our poll light was not working and we knew we would
want to swim in the evening.
Our wiring and the way the light is attached is not standard which I
am sure is part of the problem.
The ground wire was soldered to the deck lid and is clamped to part
of the large diameter of the poll where it comes through the mounting
The other wire is hot and had been connected to the bottom of the
poll on the pointed part before falling off.
We reattach the bottom wire on the poll light using black
electricians tape, which after replacement of the bulb worked fine.
We then noticed that the front red/green light bulb wasn't working
and replaced it with a new bulb, all was fine.
Later that night as we had Roland and Karin Parey from Germany with
us, swimming and watching the fireworks we decided to swim to the
Eagles from the hot hole when the show ended. We were doing fine and
then the poll light started going off and on, we came back in and
reviewed the problem, the tape had gotten hot and was falling off, I
reattached the bottom wire with a piece of wire and re-taped it.
Off we went across the lake. The light worked fine until it started
going off and on again, and then I noticed that they both (front &
rear) stayed on when I pushed the switch in, very strange.
After we parked at the Eagles I decided to remove the bulbs and save
the battery, we then noticed a glow through the chrome piece below
the poll, I've never moved so fast as I unlocked the read deck and
ripped the wire off, I then removed the front bulb.
We looked at the fuse block the next morning and found that the fuse
was hot so we removed it, found which wire went to the lights,
removed it and replaced the fuse.
All is ok for now; but we don't have navigation lights and we need to
track down the short.
Has anyone else has had this problem and what was the fix.
Any help would be appreciated before we start ripping into our car.
Marty & Caryl

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