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Practicing my Splash-n-Go's Sunday at the lake.
An oriental gentleman asked if he could "take
photo with daughter inside?" I said "okay," but
as soon as she got settled in... my foot slipped
off the brake and down the ramp we went. The
little girl was screaming & laughing & saying
something in Japanese. The father was waving
and yelling something in Japanese. The mother
was on the pier and she yelled something in
Japanese. I looked at the little girl and she just
smiled and then beaned me with her yellow
Pokemon doll. We circled the pier for daddy
to snap photos... a lot of photos if you know
what I mean. Looked like a truly "hair raising"
experience if ever there ever was one. The
father was good enough to send me a couple
of pictures and I'm good enough to share them
with you. Check out the "Files" section, then
the folder called..."Amphipoda's Adventure"
and the pictures are called "Tourist1" & "Tourist2."
Probably the first and last time I'll ever let a
Pokemon in Amphi... I'm mentally scarred for
life, and the poor kid's hair is... well the pics
tell that story.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego