Amphicar Expert
A handful of Amphicar will be at Steve Plunket's in London Ont. June 6th. this year . We have had a blast here in the past giving rides in his custom pond with a in and out ramp. 3000 cars on display over Steve's private golf coarse Sat and Sun,
This years feature is the cast from Dukes of Hazard, the dancing tractors will be back too.
( I think is there web site.
Herb from Ohio is bringing his Amphicar AND his 1912 Stanley Steamer! Can't wait for a ride in ground's with that!



Amphicar Expert
This year we got the top notch brass, treatment, as Steve Plunket invited us to his Friday night Bash at his Cadillac Saloon for his Gallia opening, .Up close to all his collection of rare Cadillac’s.

Sat. I have never seen so many people and CARS!!!! Around 4000 special interest cars form all over Canada and the USA. The Dukes of Hazards group was there`. A 3 Million mile Volvo From NY!69 Hurst car and the girl that was in the promos back then.

We had a hard time driving Amphis threw the crowds and over the narrow bride.

We had a hand full of Blue Amphis and a Green one and A Dutton!

No one could get food as the line ups were too long.

HERB also brought along his 1909 Stanley Steamer. WHOO o HOO horn very Loud.

At 3 pm , Fred And I had to go to the end of the line to stop people from lining up so we could quite! And even then they kept standing behind us believing we were just kidding, It was hell!

Think last ride was about 4pm. We collected about $1500

Then whom were still there, went back to motel and 8 pl 2 went out for a FREE dinner at Swiss Chalet. So you missed that, Sorry.

On Sunday we had 3 Amphicars and some helpers and same thing again, Hard time stopping at 2. long lines again

Collected $2000 more! For Steve's Charity's.

Head was spinning but all had a great time.

Pic... Herb Driving... Sue working the door(she made sure each time it was locked!, and Ray, I n yellow coat(its 75*) Collecting the MONEY!