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Randy Tusone


Here's the latest Billy story.

Billy almost sunk his last weekend. He was leaving Sweetwater after pulling the
bilge plug and was hailed by these two huge guys for a ride. Forgetting he had
removed the bilge plug, he took them for a swim. Not too long after they were in
the water, one of they fat guys in teh back says "hey, there's water coming up
around my feet. Billy heads for the shallows quickly and got it on the ground
on one side. Mind you know, it's dark and around 55 air temp. He had to dive
into the very cold, dark water to put the bilge plug back in! The water was
around 40!!!
Once he got the bilge plug in and started bilging out the water, he opened the
engine lid. Luckily the water only got up to the bottom of the distributor and
he managed to get the car started. Once they pumped out most of the water he got
it to the nearest ramp and drove it home. If he hadn't managed to get the bilge
plug in, the car would have sunk alot further, because only one of the rear
tires was on the bottom.



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