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Jon March

what does an 1147 motor & Friese clutch weigh? no tranny

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Turn Down Day - dig it.

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makes em easier to put on & off in the future

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fuse/flasher area -

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Love you, GI - but cmon!

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tossed these &replaced with new from GI
No, I didnt do grade 12 socket head, but i have em if the new grade 10's get loose in future during planned annual tightening-checks
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i sleeved these driveshaft ends - but the sleeves are , at the max, only a couple mm wider than the contact points of the double lip seals. Might have to re-sleeve with double sleeves side by side, to ensure one (or both) of the lips arent riding on and off the sleeve from being too "close to the edge", yes?
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Love you, GI - but cmon!


I still have a hand full of NOS gaskets for Axles.

Trans, inner seals at Axle.. Machine shaft and install a seal with a smaller inside dia.. THis I can get!



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I wonder if those gaskets would expand back to the correct size if you put them in hot water for a minute. I know that works for the large water transmission gasket. Perhaps soaking the gasket in light oil might work. I suspect whoever made these gaskets didn't allow for the shrinkage of the paper as the new paper dried out in storage. These are the kinds of issues you sometimes find with reproduction parts.

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