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Larry & Nancy Solheim

A lovely day in Tommy & Lynne's orchard where we are
blessed to spend two nights as they & Bobby and Donna
enjoy life in Key West. Wanted to treat them to the
Branch Ranch this time, but it will have to happen
next year.

Thanks for the advice. Gord's new shocks have now
replaced the "banging" Aldan rears. Now just need a
good replacement for the front thru-hull shocks to
complete the Aldan replacement program and won't have
to tense-up over every bump, wondering if it will
sound as the entire suspension system is failing.
Seem to definitely notice a "springier" ride w/o the
additional push from the gas shocks. Using hose
clamps as an emergency spring compressor I even got
the spring removed from one Aldan shock in preparation
for return to Allan.

Off tomorrow to see Dan Borgman in the Ocala National
Forest enroute to DC.

--Larry, Nancy & Amphi

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