Photos and restoration advise...



I'm looking for some thoughts on how best to proceed with my
restoration. Yes I'm finally getting back to it. I'm embarrassed to
admit it's been a good two years sense I made any real progress.

The car is now soda blasted and ready for metal repair. I was going
to have the rear quarters repaired and the entire car repainted
before I got it back home for reassembly. Now I'm thinking the wiser
thing maybe to have the interior and underside painted and leave the
quarter panels and out side body until after I get the interior and
suspension back on. Seems like I'd avoid damaging body paint allot
easier that way. Is that the way most of you have done a traditional
full body restoration?

I've posted up pictures in the photo section of my car just to prove
that I'm finally back at work on it. Let me know what you think. I
haven't been very active on here in the last few years but I will
likely posting up allot of questions as I go through it.

Thanks all...
Craig in Alaska


--- In, "Craig" <taylorcm@...> wrote:
> I'm looking for some thoughts on how best to proceed with my
> restoration...

Craig - My preferred method is to refinish the inside (trunk /
bilge / engine compartment / underneath) first. Install all the
components you can then paint the outside last and install trim,
lighting, windows etc.. It is far easier to repair damage to primer
than to the color coats. The car will be easier to move around under
it's own power too.

She's looking good! The work gets better when you start putting
things on. The 1st time you give it power and the lights work,
that's a fun milestone. As always, starting the engine for the 1st
time always makes me smile.

John Bevins
Rocky Mountain Amphicar
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