Photos and Information for RIDER Magzine



Roberto Croci, USA Senior Editor for the Italian magazine RIDER, has become
quite the Amphicar enthusiast. He has booked a several page spread for an
upcoming edition and would like to get as much information about Amphicars
and their owners as possible. He has asked me to ask you, as follows:

I DO NEED HIGH RES picture of: most of all a pic of the car+owner(s), I
also need a high res scan of THE ENGINE, how it owrks.. anytinng
technical...old photos. really really old....then the best car swim in
parade you've been in, the OHIO swim in CELINA, your crazy pics, you 15 car
slined upo from the back sop we can see the propellor... the.. ..WHATEVER.
PLEASE, LET ME KNOW and write back to me.

Please respond to him directly at



Del Mar, CA

'64 red (AMPHICR)

'64 red (I SWIM 2)