Phases of Amphi Adoption:

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    Phases of Amphi Adoption:

    Perhaps you've noticed this. There appear to be
    phases of Amphi adoption and acclimation into
    our families. I've taken the liberty of briefly out-
    lining these phases below - not for the benefit of
    newbies or veterans, but for my own mental well
    being (such as it is).

    Phase 1: Deciding you want to adopt an Amphi.
    You've matured to the point where you decide an
    Amphi must share in your life. Perhaps you want
    to leave a legacy or maybe you just think another
    tax deduction & mouth to feed would be fun. Or
    maybe you just want to show up the coffee maker
    by proving you are capable of adrenalin rushes
    despite the rolling power outages.

    Phase 2: Selecting which Amphi to adopt. Amphi
    selection is a complex topic, one worthy of an entire
    posting in its self, but needless to say it is a matter
    of economic wealth and patience. One's nurturing
    instincts can be tested when adoption consists of a
    handicapped or less than perfect Amphi. And deciding
    which sex to adopt is yet another task not to be taken
    lightly. It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway,
    Amphi's need their own room and it's never too soon
    to begin saving for Amphi's college fund.

    Phase 3: Amphi comes home for the first time. Amphi
    must be gradually introduced to each member of the
    family. The shock of new surroundings can be very
    traumatic and great care must be taken to prevent Amphi
    traumatization. When acclimating Amphi into a large
    family it is best to send the kids off to camp until Amphi
    has had a chance to get his/her feet wet.

    Phase 4: Amphi's first swim: Although the aquatic
    instincts are highly pronounced in Amphi, extreme
    care must be taken when making that first outing.
    You as parents are needed to carefully gauge Amphi's
    ability to swim and interact in public. Knowing your
    Amphi's limitations will greatly enhance the experience
    for both of you. Spend time telling your Amphi what
    the expectations are and give positive reinforcement
    at every opportunity.

    Phase 5: The Amphi routine: Now that Amphi has
    become a member of the family it is up to you as
    parents to provide continued guidance and leadership
    to help shape Amphi's future. Encourage Amphi to
    be adventurous yet cautious, and always be willing
    to help Amphi learn the `ins & outs' of the modern
    world. Also refer to prior Amphipoda postings
    (especially "Care & Feeding of Amphi").

    Phase 6: When Amphi must leave the nest: There
    comes a time in every Amphi's life when they must
    move on and make their mark on the world. As
    parents this will be the most difficult time in your
    lives. Amphi's room will undoubtedly become a
    shrine and all visitors to the household will be
    subjected to endless home movies and volumes
    of photo albums. But take comfort in knowing
    that if you've been good parents your Amphi will
    write you letters and maybe even come around for
    holiday visits.

    `64 Turquoise
    Sandy Eggo, CA

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