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Hi Everybdy
Looking for some help with installing a petronix ignition. Car is positive ground with generator, and points. I would like to talk over the phone with someone that has already installed one. Yes I read the directions and yes it seems simple. I just need to have someone talk me through it. I'm ok with removing and replaceing wiring but not comfortable with changing and repositioning wires. I fried a car once by putting a wire in the wrong place and a whole lot of money and a lost summer was the result, so needless to say Im a little nervous about the flow of electrons. In normal times I would simply go to my mechanic but I don't feel comfortable with the corona virus on the loose.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Blue 63


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Most are switching to Neg ground when going petronix,, but Pos is available.
I replace the whole Distributor with a new one.(all new vacuum advance etc.)
And I now have a Neg, ground Alternator that looks exactly like the Original Generator,!
I am not electrical minded so would be no good over the phone. I just do what the diagram says..


I have a mechanic that sold his shop last year. He is working part time at a friends shop but has not had much work since the virus. He came over to my house and installed the petronix. After installation it would not start. After a little head scratching and me thinking "better he messed it up than me" he picked up the rotor off the bench and installed it. Car fired right up. Im glad that job is done and no more points.
I finished all my maintenance for the year and car is back in Maine for another year of fun. Hope to see some of you guys in Maine this year.