Personalized plates



I have sent out the following letter to as many amphibians as I could
find with personalized pl8tes. I hope to add more plates to the site.

I am redoing my entire site with new info and a complete new look.
Hopefully within the next million years, I will have it done. It
includes more detailed instruction on the positive to negative
conversion and other stuff you may find useful ... or at least

As you may or may not know, I have a website
( with a webpage of personalized license
plates specifically on Amphicars. I am currently revamping the entire
site and adding some new features which I hope all will find of some
use. With the arrival of the new club roster I see there are a lot
more personalized plates out there that I have not seen before. So
far I have only about 15 unique plates and a couple of duplicates
from different states. Forgive me if I already have yours posted. I
don't want to intrude, so this will be the only time I contact you
about this.

I would honored to add yours to the page. If you would like to be
included in the only web page dedicated solely to Amphicar
personalized plates, please send me a photo of your car showing your
plate. If there is a story behind the plate, include that as well.
Indicate if you would like the story and/or your name included with
the plate. Unless otherwise indicated, I will not include your name.


John Bevins
& The Amphicar Extraordinaire - "A WHAT"