Performing a Water Wheely


Randy Tusone

Hi There All,

We have heard that someone almost flipped their car
trying to do a water wheely. So, Billy asked me to
put something about water wheely (WW) safety here.
Being a safety professional I was only to happy to

1. Before you attempt to perform a WW it is absolutley
imperative that you KNOW the ramp intimately. Walk
the ramp in bare feet so that you know what is under
the water. Hidden rocks, stumps and other things can
cause serious problems and the potential for flipping
over is way to easy.

2. Make sure the water is deep enough that you do the
WW as soon as you hit. If it is not deep enough you
definitely have the potential of flipping the car over
(remember the Pepsi comercial from the '60's)

3. Maybe this should be #1. You need to be extra
careful of any people who are watching. It would be
way to easy for a child or a dog to run in front of
the car while it is on it's way to the ramp while

The moral of the story is please, please, PLEASE be
extremely careful doing any large splashes,
particularly the WW!

Please excuse any misspellings.

Blessed Be,
Warn anyone who is in the vacinity what you are doing
so that they can make sure they keep track of their
kids and dogs, and, themselves.

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