Every one doesn't need to worry about perfection. You should
determine what you would like to have and then factor in the cost
involved. This is the time, efforts and money involved.

I am a perfectionist and with this in mind I knew if I didn't just go
for it, I may never get it done. So I decided to do the best I could
in a pre-determined amount of time that I set for myself. So far I
have done just that. I am going to be about 2 months past what I
hoped for. That is acceptable for me considering the delays I had
were caused by other people. I wanted a "correct" car rather than a
concourse car. My car will be about 99% correct down to the hose
clamps, sans a handfull of hardware. She will be driven and swam
often. I expect to get scars, but I see them as character. She will
used as intended and not jewelry.

So don't put off getting your Amphi going! Paint it with rattle can
red, fix the seals and take a swim! There are several that were
started and then sat for years until the owner passed on. Then bought
and finished by someone else. Don't be one of those! Use the winter
months to make her what you want it to be. Some are meant to be
jewelry and some are meant to be swimmers.

John "So very close" Bevins