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    To Mr. Ed Price ~
    Your notes and procedures on ~~
    "How to Get Out of PayPal" ~ were excellent !!
    I had the same problem with PayPal last year.
    I became a bit befuddled with the process of following the bouncing ball,
    even though my computer skills are a bit above average.
    Sooooo ~ I walked into my Mater Card Bank .
    I supplied a "very trusted" manager with
    my e-mail address and password.
    (Actually, he insisted I enter my own password )
    I used my Master Card Bank where PayPal had applied the amount that was due.
    He had me out of the debacle in less than 5 minutes.
    Just another easy solution....if all else fails !
    Note ~ the Manager of the Bank did state that PayPal was a fine and safe
    company, ~ but warned me to be careful with yearly automated pay !
    Jackie Fairport, NY '66 RED

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