Passing of John Freise


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I am sad to report that John Freise passed away on July 3. John was my very good friend and also a friend of many club members. We have wonderful memories of swimming our cars together at our local lake. John's two cars are the best examples of what an Amphicar should be.



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Very sad to hear that. John goes way back in the Amphi community. He will be missed.


I'm really sorry to hear that. John was a great guy, I visited him in SB a couple of times. The radio, bilge plug, and clutch in my car are all from him. He was always very generous with other Amphicar owners! RIP, glad I got to know you John.

Ken Chambers

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John was a no nonsense Amphicar guy with in depth knowledge that he was happy to share. I really enjoyed attending West Coast Amphicar events with him and his wife Toni. It was great knowing you, Bud. You'll truly be missed.
I also have a clutch system from John. Great solution to a stubborn problem for me.
Very sad news on the eve of this years Celina.


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Very sad news. Both my boys learnt to drive in my Amphicar with one of his clutches fitted - and the clutch survived. A very talented engineer and good friend. Stayed with him and Toni a few times on my travels around the US and many adventures, not just driving at very un-Amphicar speeds to his local lakes but of course the legend that is the Lake of the Ozarks meet in 2009.


Well this SUCKS!

John was a great guy! We spent many hours on the phone talking Amphis over the years
and i went to visit him on my trip to California a few years ago.


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So sorry to hear this about a wonderful guy. I did not know him, but heard many great things about him. I was hoping to get one of his clutch conversion kits in the near future, now not sure what to do.


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Obviously not a priority at the moment but in due course hopefully someone in the Amphicar community will be able to take over the production of the "Freise Clutch kit". John put so much effort in to getting it working right, and it works so well, it needs to continue.
I like many others are bummed out to hear of John's passing. I met him and Toni in the Ozarks and quickly realized they were both class act, kind hearted, liked to have a good time people. A couple years ago, John was kind enough to guide me through getting my 50 year old horn to work. While on the phone with him, I managed to get it to bark out a sick sound. I'm not sure who was happier John or me! A bit more tweaking and it still makes good sounds to this day. Rest in peace John.

Brian Crombie


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John was a very helpful guy. Willing to guide anyone through Amphicar issues if he could. Even over the pond here in the UK


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sorry to hear about John only meet him ounce your twice in Celina, but have had two cars i put his clutch kits in they work great