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Page one.jpg I keep a inventory of Amphicar parts in Fl. Althou my whole stock was stold in Nov/12. I have restocked.
I only keep one or two of items in Fl. Ron T will take these parts with him back to NH. and bring to Cellina etc...352 301 7022 is a number you can now reach me at year round(Majic Jack) even when I'm in Ontario Canada is my email
below is page one of inventory. page 2 and 3 are att.


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Amphicar Expert
REAR QUARTER PANELS! these 18 guage steel panels are for the 65 and later models with the hump on the bottom, exctruded in the same shape and depth as the originals, They are longer on both end(over 6ft total) and go up to/past the body side mouldings. I have a fibreglass ,that was made from a NOS part, one here to so you can compare the shape to Original(see picture), This steel panel has the right curve to it in front of the tire. No more adding filler to get right shape!
Stock will be in Fl. till April, then in NH with Ron, and Ontario.
New part price for Mt Dora Show is $600 for the pair.100_2685.JPG100_2688.JPG