Parts For Sale Listing


Michael Echemann

I've had so many people emailing and calling for parts that I thought I'd
list some items available to the group. The following parts are available
should anyone be interested. All are new parts but may not be nos. Prices
do not include shipping. Please email me off list or call my home or office
number (days) 630-241-9703

White convertible Top $175.00 (includes snaps, web and front molding)
Hub Cap Set (4) $160.00
Propeller (1) $150.00
Clutch Cable 25.00
Side Bumper Molding Set White $69.00
Speedometer Cable 25.00
Throttle Cable 25.00
Clutch Disc. and Pressure Plate combo $300.00 (disc was relined years ago
with excellent core)
Radiator Hoses pair (top and bottom) $30.00
Trans Mounts (pair) $60.00
Weather-strip on Door, Pair $ 50.00
Body at door weather-strip, Pair $20.00
One Taillight Lens Assembly ( I'm told these are no longer made and prices
have gone up for remaining stock) $185.00

One pair of good *Used clear parking light lenses with chrome rings.
Several speedometer gauges and fuel/temp gauges *used but in great condition

The following NOS items are also available: Please call or email off/list
for details. These are items which may no longer be available, have poor/no
reproductions offered or when only an original will do (see* notes below)
for that correct quality restoration. You can tell the difference in the
cars and unfortunately the prices too. :-( Soooo, you have been warned!!!
Serious inquiries only please.

Dash Gauge Set. Sold as a set only includes clock, speedometer and
fuel/temp gauge. The clocks are long gone!
Front Bumper (two piece) *(note: Allan Woodcocks reproductions are
Excellent plus)
Rear bumpers
Hood Marine Lens *(note: Gordons lastest batch of marine lense are very
Air Filter (orig. fold up type)
Motor Mounts, Pair
Pole Socket (orig. black, no longer available anywhere)
Generator Pulley (original plastic, not available)
Tool Kit orig. Amphicar (not nos of course)
Amphicar Display Banner (the largest size and for age considered Mint Cond)
Complete set of Amphicar brake shoe linings.
Amphicar rear view mirror
Amphicar hood emblem
Door handles with glove box lock.
Drivers door handle with key
Set of all four NOS brake assemblies (includes it all, cylinders, shoes,
pads, springs, backing plate etc.)

One pair of very nice *USED rear reflectors which are very hard to find
On set of original headlight rings *USED will need rechromed.


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