Parts Arrival Countdown!



New Front Bumpers - 90 days!
Fin Mouldings - 90 days!
Other Mouldings - 90 days!
Accelerator Pedals - 90 days!
Horn Buttons - 110 days!
Steering Wheels - 120 days!
Seals, Gaskets, other rubber - 60 days!
Amphicar Scripts - 60 days!
Glove Box with Interior Light - 90 days!
Headlight Rims - 75 days!

Question: O.K. Hugh, what are these nice, new parts going to cost
me? I can buy new front bumper sets today for $400 to $500. I can
get fin mouldings for $150 each, glove boxes for $75.00, and so on.

Answer: Our prices will be extremely competitive. Look for price
drops like our windshields, propellers, radiator shrouds, door
handles, interior mirrors, carbon release bearings, etc. Generally,
our prices will be about 1/2 what you now pay.

Question: So, how do I order?

Answer: Call and put yourself on the "wish list". Upon arrival at
Port of Los Angeles or LAX, we'll contact you with the new price
drop. If you like the price, go to order status and pay at that
time. You do not pay in advance. If you don't like our new price,
you can still order from the old suppliers of today.

As always, our parts carry a full 100% return or refund (if not
used), and a full commercial Amphicar warranty of 6 months or 6000