Parting ways with my 64 Amphicar


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Hello all,

I've received a warm welcome and help from people both here and in the Amphicar community in general as I rebuilt a car that I've known nearly my whole life so I want to start by thanking all who helped me so far! Unfortunately the time has come for me to consider finding a new home for my Amphicar as my current career isn't giving me the time to really get to enjoy this great car on top of needing to consolidate before a future house purchase. As I look to sell I would love to keep the car local to the Seattle area so I can continue to potentially see it in person at events however I would consider out of state of it works well for both parties. I want to bring the sale up to the community first before I look to Hemmings to help in the process. This car has a rich history with more stories then I can begin to write here so I'll keep it to the basics and if you're interested in more information on the car please do not hesitate to reach out!

-1964 Amphicar-
Matching numbers
Rebuilt transmission with upgraded clutch

A Handful of new installed parts from Gordon's including:
Upgraded Carb
Fuel pump
Fuel lines
Upgraded exhaust
Fuel/temp cluster
And much more

Comes with an original spare transmission
Original carb
Extra fuel pump
Along with more additional original parts both new and used

Some needs:
Finish rebuilding original bilge pump system
Fix an oil pan leak
Dent in front chrome bumper

All said, this car is in great condition and is water worthy!
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An ad for the car can be found here (


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