Parking Lot Games



Let's play "Hide the Bilge Plug." Imagine everyone brings there bilge
plug to the Eagles parking lot. We hang around, drink adult
beverages, swap Amphi stories, compare bilge nozzles, etc. Time
comes we all head back to our respective cars and eventually wade
into the big green algae lake. What percentage of amphibians would
forget to replace their plugs? I'm thinking around 20% (20% of say
60 cars would be 12). Of that 12 how many would realize the crisis
in time? I'd say 75% (9 cars), leaving 3 in a world of hurt? on
second thought maybe Hide the Bilge Plug isn't such a good game after

Let's play "Bilge Water Limbo." A combination of musical chairs and
limbo dancing. First we find a few Amphis that can bilge squirt a
decent stream of water, say a 10 ft arc or more. Add some adult
beverages and music. Do the limbo under the bilge streams. As the
water is depleted the water arcs will eventually shrink until someone
is wearing the oily scum. Hilarious good fun depending upon how
nasty the bilge water is... Yuck!? err? on second thought.

Let's play "Bumper Amphis." We'll "borrow" a few tire inner tubes
from some big earth moving equipment and stretch them around the
outside of our Amphicars, inflate them, consume adult beverages.
Once in the lake we can slam into each other at full speed (which
given the added water drag should be about 2 mph) with zero damage.
And you have the added benefit of a giant black tire inner tube for
camouflage night assaults, not to mention a terrific auxiliary
floatation device. What a minute? 2 mph? too freakin slow for real
fun. Nix that idea too.

I give up. Maybe just stick to adult beverages, splash entries and
Moose Lodge kidnappings.


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