Paper Carb Gasket


I just rebult my car last night. it now runs perfect. The order that I used
was like yours, except I had a gasket between every piece. Thats how it came
apart, and how I put it back together.
Manifold/gasket/plastic riser plate/gasket/metal linkage plate/gasket/carb

Brian in CA

By the way, the rebuild kit from Gordons worked perfect-but only comes with
two gaskets

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That should say rebuilt my carb last night. I wish I could type better.
Brian in CA or

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I just replaced all the gaskets in my carb because of a gas leak
when the engine gets hot. It seems the manifold neck to the carb
seeps fuel when warm.

My question to the group is, what is the proper "stacking" order for
the paper carb gaskets and the plastic riser plate?

Here is how I have it now:

Manifold - paper - Plastic Riser Plate - Metal linkage plate -
paper - Carb

I guess my confusion is with the linkage plate, is it in between
the paper sandwich or not?

Chris - Red 63